World’s First, Fast-building Method

No screws or other tools required during construction.

Parts can be connected by S1, S2, S3 and S4 connectors.

The easy-to-connect design makes it easy for kids to build. Completing bionic projects within 30 minutes.





Unique Programming Software

Switch between three programming interfaces.

3D Construction Simulator

Students can analyse the structures and principles of models by checking the 3D models. Using the mouse, students can adjust and modify the models.

Integrated Sensor H-S100

The H-S100 combines a distance measuring sensor, a light sensor, a sound sensor and buzzer.

H-CON101 Controller

The controller adds a gyroscope and Bluetooth module and supports the ability to dual program.

It uses ARM Cortex M3/32 bit as the main chip, which is more power-saving and provides faster computing.

All the electronic and mechanical parts are designed to be modular, based on which 3D models can be constructed.

Remote Controller

Chip: ARM Cortex M3/32bit; Bluetooth;

Power: 2 standard AAA batteries, On/Off switch. Automatic Off Timer.

Buttons: 1 Power Sitch button, 10 Control Buttons.

Intelligent Motor H-M24

Real-time reflection on position, speed, load, current and temperature. RS-485 communication, bus control which can connect 254 motors at the same time in a serial connection. Largest tore: 24kg; 360-degree rotation is supported.